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  • Patrice de Talhouët
    As the leader of the finance function, my mission is to make sure that I provide the right tools and equipment to everybody so we can grow.


  • We have a very can do attitude at Coty. We seldom say no. If there’s an opportunity, we try to grasp it.


  • Taking risks is always a fine balance. To push things to the limit, but to respect the limit, so things don’t fall off the edge of the cliff.


  • We have great creativity and great innovation, but we also are very disciplined in the way that we do business.


  • What makes this company great is certainly this energy, this entrepreneurial spirit, this feeling that you can achieve anything.


  • When we work in the world of Coty, we make people dream, make them feel special, feel beautiful. I think it’s very romantic, and if we can make their life nicer every day, that would be a wonderful dream for Coty.


  • We don’t take the status quo as a given; we like to challenge what we are doing on an ongoing basis.


Choose Your Team

Our team is made up of forward-thinking, fast-moving leaders who embrace disruptive creativity. It's in our creative DNA to recognize that innovation results from a journey sparked by the sharing of ideas, shaped by imagination and fueled by collaboration.

Business Development

Build Coty's growth strategy and evolve the business model, initiating leading strategic changes, building alliances and seizing emerging markets.


Become a part of Coty’s growing digital team, where your expertise in digital marketing, media, technology or analytics, will be used to implement best practices for global brand campaigns.

Human Resources

Proactively deal with the needs of a growing, fast-changing organization, giving guidance and fostering an environment of continuous people development.

Information Technology

Part of keeping the business running, IT develops and maintains infrastructure, provides support and manages business intelligence and data governance.

Marketing & Sales

Drive growth and increase customer loyalty with powerful new licenses, innovative products and unique takes on the existing portfolio.

Supply Chain

Ensure profitable growth by delivering excellence to our consumers. Fast and connected, it's about quality and being always available and appealing.

Communications / PR

Build buzz and awareness for our prestigious portfolio of brands by creating best in class integrated PR programs recognized by the industry as award-winning.


Deliver continuous value to the organization, from internal controls to governance, tax and treasury issues, as well as risk management, planning and budgeting and cost management.


Coty’s idea of an internship is to give you the opportunity to test yourself in a professional environment and in special functional areas. An internship is meant for you to orient yourself for your future career, to learn and explore.


The guardians of our reputation, our legal teams provide strategic management of legal and regulatory issues, anticipating and minimizing legal risk in all areas.

Research & Development

With over 500 patent applications (200 granted each year), R&D is the backbone of our business and where develop our sustainability practices.

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