Entrepreneurs and growing talent

Our leaders and talent make a huge difference in all of our work. From the development of an idea for a product, to the distribution at the end of the value chain, we have the people that push us faster, further and freer into the future and drive our success as a company.

Learn how Coty Cares about People.

Culture of Entrepreneurs

Our employees will tell you that the culture at Coty is what makes the difference in the first place. The entrepreneurial spirit drives our teams to move our brands and ideas faster, further, and freer. Here’s how:

Our people are free to think and bring in ideas. We are fast in making decisions. We can go further than everyone else because we encourage people to take risks that have the potential for success.

Having a culture that is unique enables our employees and our company to be as successful as they can be, encouraging them to further build on the values we have.

Job areas

From the development of an idea for a product to the distribution at the end of the value chain, we have the competencies to be best-in-class.

Coty offers career opportunities worldwide in areas including:
• Marketing and Sales
• Manufacturing and Distribution
• Research and Development
• Support Functions

Growing Talent

Growing talent is the present and the future of the company. This is what we strive for:

At Coty, individual growth is about grasping opportunities in every aspect of our work. We believe developing talent means providing the right opportunities that will enable employees to develop to their full potential. And as a continuously growing and fast-paced organization, new opportunities emerge constantly. In all job areas. Worldwide.

Coty’s lean organizational structure enables higher visibility of talented people and top performers who live our culture. The exposure to Senior Leadership of the company is unique and offers individuals the chance to develop and grow through diverse moves that align with our business strategy.

Coty regards the development of talent as a process employees are actively involved in. We expect our team members to seize opportunities to grow within the company. We create opportunities for employees to take responsibility, prove accountability and build on their strengths.

Profiles For Success
Find your place with Coty

Find your place with Coty

Coty is looking for people that can identify with our culture and are willing to bring their creativity and hands-on mentality to the table.

We believe in moving brands and people Faster, Further and Freer into the future. Join our global collective. Contribute your ideas and passion to a proudly expanding organization.



We are looking for professionals that strive for creation, innovation, continuous improvement and speed.

If you feel you are at a point in your career to make a different impact in the Beauty Industry, then you are right for Coty.

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You are curious and ready to go. You have ambitious goals and look for self-fulfillment. Your idea of a job is a completion of your lifestyle and an embodiment of your mindset. You ache to be part of an exciting adventure – then be a part of our world.


Various entry jobs and entry programs in diverse functional areas and countries give you a start that will provide direction to your future professional career. Start as a (Junior) Product / Brand Manager, (Junior) Sales Manager, (Junior) Business Controller, (Junior) Process Engineer or choose from many other roles and job areas.

In some countries you will find special entry programs for trainees and graduates. For example, the “Learning-on-the-job Year” in Germany is a program especially tailored for bachelor graduates.

The “Pépinière Program” in France or “Trainee Program” in the US allows the trainee to work in different functional areas during the program period.

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Coty’s idea of an internship is to give you the opportunity to test yourself in a professional environment and in special functional areas. An internship is meant for you to orient yourself for your future career, to learn and explore. Our International Internship Program also gives you the chance to gain experience abroad.

Typical internships at Coty are in the field of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Engineering and many more.


During your time with Coty, we expect you to seize opportunities and be a part of the team as if this was what you have always done. This is your chance to become a part of the talent pool out of which we recruit our future talent and leaders.

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On Campus

Our Campus Management Program aims at establishing long-term partnerships with targeted schools around the globe in order to build and maintain a sustainable talent pool for our business.

Coty ambassadors and Human Resources representatives cooperate with leading Business and Engineering schools in over 10 countries to meet and recruit talent on a global level.



To find available opportunities worldwide and submit an application, please use our Job Search portal. Here you can find the details and requests necessary for applying to specific positions, depending on the position and location these requirements may differ.

If we feel there is a good match, you will be contacted by one of our recruiters to get more information on the position you applied for. We look forward to learning more about you!

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Our business is diverse. So is our talent criterion. Subsequently, we’re searching for a wide range of profiles to fill a broad range of jobs. Your education and skill sets are vital. Your personality and passion are fundamental. Much like our corporate FASTER. FURTHER. FREER. philosophy, it’s more than what’s on paper. It’s the difference between what we see and what we feel.

If you think you would be a good fit at Coty search our Job Portal to discover which positions we currently have open.

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