Corporate Culture
corporate culture

At the heart of our business model

When you believe in our culture, everything becomes possible.

Innovation is in our bloodstream. We capture trends sooner, thereby creating enduring brands that speak to the aspirations and lifestyles of today's consumers.

Driven by passion, creative freedom, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Coty has built a unique portfolio of beauty brands that have produced some of the strongest consumer franchises in history.

These are the key factors that have created our company’s DNA:


At Coty, we are all about the brands. Across all functional areas, employees feel that they contribute to the building of our brand portfolio. Working for the most exciting brands in the industry is what drives us in our roles, every day.


We have the courage to cross frontiers and the confidence to pursue ideas that others might dismiss in the first place. Identifying and reapplying best practices is a strong pillar of our mindset as long as it makes our brands stronger.


Having the power to influence the success of the company is exciting – and an extraordinary responsibility. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is an integral part of everything we do, across the organization, across functions and levels, and across the globe. It is our roots and heritage.


Innovation is in our lifeblood. Coty is respected as a highly innovative company – we have even been awarded as the most innovative company in the beauty industry (by the Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) group in 2011). Our teams are brave when it comes to taking risks. And they’re smart when it comes to making brilliant ideas come to life.


We are committed to offering the best beauty products and brand experience to our consumers, wherever they are, wherever they shop and enjoy our products. It is on our growth path to expand our presence in emerging markets, in the digital space and in channels such as salons, TV shopping, and much more.

This is how we bring our products to the market:


It is the magic combination of craftsmanship and organizational footprints that enables us to offer masterpieces to our customers and consumers.


Coty goes for the unexpected. With innovative products and unprecedented concepts, we catch the market and our consumers by surprise.


Just because something was not successful in the past or has never been done before does not mean we cannot do it. We are the ones drawing the borders and breaking the boundaries of the beauty industry.


Risks need to be identified and confronted, not eliminated. Every risk holds an opportunity, our mission is to discover the best opportunities possible.


This is the Coty attitude, and the way we approach challenges. We prefer thinking about what we can do rather than thinking about what we might not be able to do.

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Faster. Further. Freer.

What Defines Our Foundation

At Coty, our philosophy is unparalleled by those of many leading organizations, both in and outside of the industry. It is proven in our track record and our work. We believe in the motto that fuels our success.



We capture trends sooner than anyone else. In doing so, we create enduring brands that speak to the aspirations and lifestyles of today’s consumers. We catch opportunities as soon as they appear in the market, and our fast decision-making process allows us to leapfrog over competitors and keep us at the front of the pack.



We push ideas beyond traditional boundaries, guiding them toward extraordinary and sustainable success. We establish governance and discipline that ensure excellence in the execution and longevity of our company. We push ourselves beyond the limits of what we know we can do because innovation is in our blood. We are open to learn, open to change, open to the future. We adopt non-traditional views and explore unchartered territories in our modern world.

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We embrace creativity from our teams all around the world, providing a multicultural perspective to our business thinking. We adapt ourselves
to a global environment better and faster than our competitors.

We live and encourage diversity in all its facets. We feel free to express ourselves. And we are comfortable sharing our views even if they are not mainstream or popular.

We are entrepreneurs, free to continue revolutionizing the beauty industry.