Coty cares about the environment

Our Sustainable vision

“With products sold in more than 100 countries, Coty is a true global company. We foster the “FASTER. FURTHER. FREER.” culture, while providing consumers with innovative beauty products of the highest quality and striving to reduce our Environmental Footprint in everything we do. As such, we are committed to our Consumer, the Health and Safety of our employees and our Corporate Social Responsibility.”
Michele Scannavini, Chief Executive Officer


Our Sustainability Objectives include:

• Implementing our Strategy
• Nurturing our Partnerships
• Sustainable Practices / Processes

Coty takes the responsibility of Being Green very seriously. At our own facilities and within the Coty culture, we are implementing new programs and new practices to help us achieve our goal of being a more sustainable company.

Product Safety

The safety of our consumers is fundamental to everything we do, as such we employ teams of scientists and toxicologists that rigorously test our ingredients and products before we place them on the market as we work to maintain the highest possible standards of safety for our products and our consumer alike.

Coty works with the various regulatory agencies around the world to ensure our products are compliant and meet or exceed the laws and regulations in each of the 100 countries in which they are sold.

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Coty is committed to full compliance with all environmental statutes and regulations applicable to our products. We constantly strive to limit water and energy consumption, reduce atmospheric emissions, and raise the percentage of waste that is recycled, reused or recovered in another form.

At Coty, each of our facilities has an active action plan to reduce energy consumption proportionally to products produced, and to reduce waste that is generated while maximizing our recycling efforts.

For example, our facility in Chartres, France, has implemented a waste water recovery program. Our facility in Ashford, UK, has a new waste contract with Veolia where the goal is to significantly reduce landfill usage.

All teams continue to improve machine efficiency, producing more products in less time. During the past 6 months these efforts have reduced our energy consumption by 9% when compared to the same period in FY11, and by 17% compared to the same period in FY10.

We continue our efforts that help to sustain the environment, our consumers, and the good of our employees.


Coty has developed a network of people across our geographies to serve as our Green Champions, mobilizing our work force while providing leadership in our sustainability practices around the globe.

These are all encompassing and include:


Coty is promoting actions to recycle paper in our offices.

On top of recycling, Coty is taking actions to reduce consumption of paper. For example, Coty News, a Coty news magazine designed to share brand and corporate information with Coty employees, has been available in an E-Version since October 2011. It has generated significant reduction in the number of printed copies we use. After 7 e-version editions, the total paper saved equates to about 234,600 pages that we did not have to print.


Coty is taking measures to ensure all office equipment, lighting and other fixtures utilize the most recent advances in technology, to provide an energy efficient environment.


To continue and foster our sustainability efforts, Coty hosts webinars, seminars, Green Days, and communicates regularly with our employees via our Coty Newsletter and our portal about our progress in this area, as well as “Green Corners” in our offices.