Coty Cares About People

Our People Mean Everything

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Employee development / pay for performance

The development of talent in the company is a key priority for Coty. This is the present and the future of the company. Human Resource processes and policies are flexible and reactive which enables individual development plans through talent performance and mobility fully aligned with our business strategy.

Every year a formal dialogue between managers and employees takes place to evaluate the performance of employees in their role, build an individual development performance plan and review the accomplishment of individual goals.

Our belief on compensation is that we want to reward value creation and ensure fair treatment among all employees. This means that individual performance, role and contribution to Coty’s results influence the base and variable pay of our employees

Coty insight employee survey

Coty Insight reflects an exceptional level of engagement and an impressive alignment on Coty’s culture and vision. It is the foundation for the build-up of our global priorities on talent and performance management.

Learning & Development

Our Coty Business Navigation internal training program is designed to offer a Leadership Development tool to Coty’s employees. It is meant to foster a common culture across the organization and encourage teamwork.

Campus management program

Our Campus Management program aims at establishing long-term partnerships with targeted schools around the globe in order to build and maintain a sustainable talent pool for our business.

Workplace safety

The safety of all our employees is a top priority for our company. Coty provides a safe work environment for all. We aim for a zero accident rate, and continue to improve at all sites.

In 2010 and 2011, Coty’s Sanford facility received Gold Awards for Safety from the North Carolina Department of Labor.

Another example is the Site Safety & Environmental Policy from Granollers, Spain, which includes Ergonomics, a Safety Training Matrix, and Noise Reduction Program.