Coty and mica

Mica is used as an ingredient in some cosmetics. It is the name given to a series of minerals based on silicates (substances made out of the elements silica and oxygen). Mica has unique physical properties because of its structure – it is formed, in nature, as layers that can be split into thin sheets. It can also be ground into a powder. It is added to powdered cosmetics, such as eyeshadows, as a filler because it has excellent smoothness and so makes the eyeshadow easy to apply and also gives sparkle. It is added to other cosmetic products - such as mascaras, lipsticks and nail products - because it provides a beautiful lustre and sheen. Mica can also provide further ‘depth’ to certain pigments, and it gives a highly pearlised effect. Mica can be found in a large variety of consumer goods and industry materials, from automotive to coating, electronic components and construction materials, to cosmetics.
Although most of Coty’s sourcing of mica comes from other regions, we have decided to become one of the founding members of the “Responsible Mica Initiative” focused on the complex issue of the mica supply chain in India and instances of child labor. We want to lend our voice and to work in partnership with our competitors and suppliers of raw materials, car, paint, electronic and beauty industries to improve the sourcing traceability, the education of children and their families on human rights and empower local communities to diversify their income.  You can find out more about this initiative here.
For more information on Coty’s responsible supply chain activities please see our report to the United Nations Global Compact