Bruno Dos-Santos-Assi

our office has
a great atmosphere…
Bruno Dos-Santos-Assi 
Customer Service Operation Manager, Wella, Professional Beauty 
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 
Bruno’s goal every day is to make sure our professional customers in Brazil are satisfied.
Bruno reveals what he loves about his career at Coty and what drives him to achieve his professional goals
As a Customer Service Operation Manager, what’s your typical day like?
My day normally is spent as liaison between the Accounts Receivable and Order Management teams. I answer customer questions and keep the service and the cash flow on target during the fiscal year. Since Coty nearly doubled in size after the 2016 merger, a big part of my day has been managing the new SAP development, helping the IT team understand the process and developing the new system based on business needs. 
What do you enjoy most about working for Wella?
We work as a family. Our office in Rio De Janeiro is not too big, so everybody is close. It’s a great atmosphere and our days go by quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun!
What do you find most challenging about your role at Coty? Most rewarding? 
The most challenging and rewarding thing about my career is the same thing: keep the customer satisfied.
What do you feel is the best part about working at Coty? 
Being part of a team that has the opportunity to build the culture and processes of a new company. We’re a global flat organization and I like being able to see how my work affects the big picture.
How do you be brave and go beyond on a regular basis?  
I believe in my dreams. When you believe in yourself, you automatically have the strength to persist, achieve and exceed your goals. There are always situations you can’t control in life, but when you stay positive and always look forward, every day is better than yesterday.
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