Sophie Jouanneau

Sophie Jouanneau
Sophie Jouanneau
digital is constantly evolving…
Sophie Jouanneau
Author Designation 
Digital Marketing Manager, System Professional, Professional Beauty
Author Location 
Geneva, Switzerland
Sophie is a digital marketing expert, with expertise in fragrance and haircare. She finds beauty inspiration in her travels, discovering new cultures.
Sophie explains what inspires her and how she merges creativity and technology in the fast paced world of digital
How do you ensure System Professional is at the forefront of digital innovation?
We aim at becoming the Google of hair with our ultra-personalization concept. We created an in-salon Application enabling hairdressers to have a consultation with their client. What I enjoy the most about my digital marketing role is being able to see the return of the work I do very quickly because digital moves in the moment.
What do you find most challenging about your role at Coty?
Being a Digital Marketing Manager at Coty is very exciting and challenging. The digital environment and technologies are constantly evolving so there is a true need to keep ourselves up to date, to be able to adapt our strategies and plans, and to monitor new platforms and users’ digital behaviors. It’s important to be able to react and implement new ideas fast.  
Why did you decide to join Coty?
I was blown away by the Coty ambition. I joined Coty on day 1, and I’ve never felt more lucky.  Very few people in my network, working in this industry can state that they contributed to founding a new company.
Describe the Coty culture.
Ambition in its best form, is overall how I would describe the Coty culture. Our challenger positioning forces us to maintain a certain level of hunger and obsession to create value.
What Instagrammers stop your thumb every time?
Olivia Palermo, Caroline Daur, and Poppy Delvingne definitively stop my thumb every time.
Where do you find beauty inspiration?
Beauty is everywhere and in everyone. I find beauty inspiration traveling and discovering new cultures. Working in digital also made me realize that the beauty of things can be found online. I look for my personal and professional inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and I do mood boards for any design challenge I have. It could be a System Professional brief or planning my own wedding.
What beauty product can you not live without?
I cannot live without the System Professional Luxe Oil and Gucci Geranium, Sheer Lipstick.
But there is not only one. My perfect bathroom would look as follows:
- Gucci Bloom, the new amazing fragrance
- ghd Platinum Styler
- Sebastian Dark Oil
- My personalized System Professional care set
How do you live and breathe beauty every day?
I personally think that beauty is:
- The energy you give making sure that everything you design resonates with you.
- The energy you receive by finding beauty everywhere in life.
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