Senior Lifecycle Manager

Senior Lifecycle Manager
Hunt Valley - United States
  • Focus area : CoverGirl




  1. Initiative sizing:
  • Establish for each initiative the global potential for the launch,
  • Agree from the brief about launch parameters between global and local marketing
    • Ensure benchmark is validated
    • Align on distribution, SRP, nb of skus of benchmark and the new initiative
    • Get sell out data at shade and retailer level for each benchmark (in house & competitor) – US market
    • Provide a sizing estimate and validate it with global/local marketing
  • Guard the 5 gate process : lead a monthly meeting with local marketing/trade to review and validate volume of each project going through BLIM – any gate stage
  • Review and challenge the forecast collection from markets at commit or execute gate stage vs prior assumptions – until consensus is reached
  • Lead MOQ set up review after forecast collection is fully validated – FG, wips and NFG
  • Update and maintain Anaplan


  1. Launch monitoring:
  • Management of commercial priorities (arbitrage)/ early shipment request where required
  • Communicate on red alerts
  • Maintain roadmap and issue as frequently as needed
  • Follow sell out performance and drive supply to adjust production, inventory accordingly



  1. Growth & Maturity monitoring:
  • Maintain the brand’s product catalogue in PIM
  • Analyze yearly the brand portfolio (“portfolio management”) in collaboration with finance and supply based on sku profitability, MOQ etc
  • Monitor low forecast skus and propose catalogue de-complexification


  1. Discontinuation Process:
  • Lead Discontinuation process and follow-up according action plan with Operations.
  • Propose discontinuation items to US marketing based on MOQ constraints, poor net revenue per sku, low forecast, operational limitation
  • Ensure disco strategy is final 12 months prior disco date
  • Maintain the Strategy File
  • Review on a weekly basis with the hub (IPs) all upcoming discontinued items (various delete campaigns):
    • Ensure all parameters are adjusted
    • Review shortage/excess level by commercial discontinuation date
    • Adjust productions accordingly and track
    • Ensure forecast is reliable. If not challenge ethe markets.
    • Assess rebalancing opportunities between DCs preventing any productions
    • Anticipate any LSD expiration risk
    • Reduce any potential filling and Non finished Goods excess – Collaborate with Value Distribution



  1. Excess management (saleable & non-saleable):
  • Commercial management of excess – identify root cause of inflows, develop with commercial teams tactical action plan to deplete and structural avoidance action plan
  • Prepare and present monthly results and actively participate in various meetings – CPNA with the hub, regional US VAR
  • Attend DACH VAR monthly review and find proactive actions to reduce VAR – engage Value Distribution Europe
  • Identify actions for depletion and follow up and challenge on prior actions