Davidoff Love the Ocean Campaign

Davidoff Love the Ocean Campaign

A Wave of Pictures Helps to Protect the Ocean

COTY and Davidoff Cool Water are proud to share images from this summer’s LOVE THE OCEAN campaign.  The campaign also celebrates the third year of Davidoff’s partnership with National Geographic to raise awareness on ocean protection.

Since 2012, Davidoff Cool Water has actively supported National Geographic’s Pristine Seas program which is aimed at exploring and protecting the ocean. With Davidoff’s support, National Geographic has led six expeditions to explore the remote areas of the ocean in places like the Pitcairn Islands, Mozambique and New Caledonia. 

Protecting the ocean is not only a matter of scientific exploration: it concerns everybody. To increase general awareness of the importance of ocean protection, Davidoff Cool Water launched in July a new edition of its acclaimed Love the Ocean global campaign. For each Davidoff Cool Water bottle sold, Davidoff helped to protect 10.000 m² of ocean.

On the official website love-the-ocean.com, launched this summer, visitors posted their favourite ocean pictures directly on the website or simply by using the #lovetheocean hashtag on social networking services like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. For each picture posted, Davidoff Cool Water helped to protect 5.000 m² of the ocean.

Nearly 40,000 Instagram pictures featuring #lovetheocean have been posted to date, as well as large numbers on Facebook and Twitter. Michelle Rodriguez of the Fast and Furious franchise and Kellan Lutz of Twilight were among the first celebrities to get involved, with beautiful ocean photos posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their mid-July posts generated over 110,000 total likes in just a few hours.

On October 14th, 2014, actor Paul Wesley of the Vampire Diaries series jumped on the #lovetheocean wave, with a Tweet and an Instagram post which reached 120 000 likes in less than one day.

Visitors can browse all of these images and thousands of others via the hashtag on social media and on the visually striking love-the-ocean.com. On the website they can also learn more about the partnership and the past and present missions. With the success of Davidoff Cool Water’s Love the Ocean activation, 2014 is more than ever a time of commitment for the preservation of the ocean all across the globe.