Introducing Daisy Marc Jacobs Sorbet Editions

Introducing Daisy Marc Jacobs Sorbet Editions

New Daisy Limited Edition Fragrances

You can always count on the fragrances of Marc Jacobs to usher in the latest trends for each season and Spring is no exception!

This February comes Daisy Marc Jacobs Sorbet Editions, two new irresistible seasonal scentsDaisy Marc Jacobs Sorbet and Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Sorbet are limited editions that are fresh twists on the classic fragrances.

Marc Jacobs designed the bottle and packaging in collaboration with COTY. The design is a playful mix of vibrant jewel tones in vivid, translucent hues.

The fragrance was developed by Firmenich and perfumer Richard Herpin - the brief from the COTY marketing team was to create fragrances that tied back to the original Daisy, which meant something that was sophisticated and optimistic. For this project, the fragrances were to be Daisy, only more colorful and with a touch a pink.

Read on to learn more from Richard on how these addictively delectable juices came to life:

  1. What were the sources of inspiration to create this fragrance? 
    I looked to different hues of pink, how they can go from light to bold and saturated. The different shades note these elements of playfulness, femininity, and optimism, which I think live within the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances.
  2. In terms of age, temperament, interests, lifestyle - according to you, who is the consumer? 
    I believe that these fragrances can be worn by anyone who enjoys sophistication that is easy to wear. I think she has a joie de vivre that is infectious.
  3. What key words would you use to describe them? 
    Fashionable, Charming, Vibrant, Spirited, Optimistic
  4. What makes this fragrance unique? 
    DAISY MARC JACOBS SORBET EDITION: Wisteria is a charmingly delicate flower that is oft-forgotten in fragrances. Daisy Sorbet brings this wonderfully-scented ingredient to center stage. 
    DAISY MARC JACOBS EAU SO FRESH SORBET EDITION: Eau So Fresh Sorbet is incredibly colorful and can immediately bring to mind bright fruits and flowers.
  5. Could you describe each facet in detail: top, heart, base?
      • TOP: A luscious blend of Pear and Passion Fruit with sparkling Pink Grapefruit.
      • MID: The lush floralcy of Wisteria is luxuriously faceted with velvety Jasmine Petals and the dreamy femininity of Muguet.
      • DRY: Violet Wood and Cedarwood create a mossy, spring-time warmth softened by Sheer Musks.
      • TOP: The effervescence of Juicy Mandarin playfully meets the innocence and purity of sweet Apple Blossoms and dewy Lotus Flower
      • MID: A lovely bouquet blooms at the signature with the rosy warmth of Magnolia, the rich floralcy of Jasmine Petals and the green fluidity of Wet Violet.
      • DRY: Soft Woods and Creamy Musk create a smooth sensuality in the dry down that feels tender and soft.
  6. Which are the key ingredients?
    • DAISY MARC JACOBS SORBET EDITION: Pink Grapefruit, Wisteria, Cedarwood
    • DAISY MARC JACOBS EAU SO FRESH SORBET EDITION: Apple Blossom, Magnolia, Creamy Musk

Ingredient Cheat Sheet


Pink Grapefruit: Traditionally used for its stimulating properties, Pink Grapefruit is uplifting, soothing and refreshing. Sun-drenched and freshly squeezed, mouth-watering and pulpy, the Grapefruit’s fresh, light, clean, citrusy scent tingles the senses.
Wisteria: Climbing and trailing with profusions of pink to lilac blossoms, Wisteria creates arbors of tranquility, permeated by a delicate, elusive
Cedarwood: Originally from Morocco, evokes a warm, tenacious scent that is smoky, balsamic and pine-like. Warming and comforting, sophisticated and sensual, Cedarwood adds a distinctive woody aspect and last to the fragrance.


Apple Blossom: These delicate pink and white blossoms capture the authenticity of nature and add to the fantasy of childhood days when the world was pure and simple.
Magnolia: The Magnolia flower, a symbol of fidelity, is native to tropical Asia. Surrounded by large, glossy dark green leaves with coppery undersides, Magnolia flowers seem to glow from within. Large pale blooms with wide, soft petals emit a fresh, citrusy floral scent that fills the air.
Creamy Musk: Smooth, sheer and ultra soft, Creamy Musk captures a tender, sensual quality. This luxurious blend adds a velvety texture that is rich and undeniably sensual, immersing you deep within the fragrance, evoking warmth and an addictive pleasure.