Wella Professionals 2017 Trends Revealed at the Wella TrendVision Event 2016

Wella Professionals 2017 Trends Revealed at the Wella TrendVision Event 2016

Wella’s event in Barcelona revealed visionary hair trends in a spectacular explosion of color, craft and artistry

Wella TrendVision 2016, the highlight of the hairdressing calendar, this year attracted over 1,400 hairdressers from all around the world to Barcelona, a city of color, artistry and modernism to champion exceptional hairdressing talent.

As color and artistry are so intrinsic to Wella, Barcelona was the perfect choice to present Wella’s latest artistic inspiration and innovations - a city exploding with color, where the work of some of the most inspiring and innovative artists of the 20th Century lies around every corner, waiting to be discovered. The Trend Reveal is always one of the most highly anticipated moments of the Wella TrendVision program and the two spectacular collections this evening showcased two key trends for 2017: Ultra Contouring and New Norm.


Laura Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer, Wella and Coty Professionals Beauty, commented:

“It’s exciting to see trends that capture self-expression, individuality and diversity. It’s important that our industry encourages the celebration of the many difference faces of beauty"

SS17 Ultra Contouring was brought to life by Dmitry Vinokurov, Wella Global Creative Artist from Russia.

There’s a strong movement towards a brave and bold individuality and these statement looks come from the inside-out, bringing your inner life to the surface. This collection encourages you to go daringly and deliberately beyond a standardized beauty look by enhancing dimension and creating Optical Illusions with expressive shapes in hair that are matched to facial features. Achieve uplift through light, narrowing with dark and inside linings for depth. These are bold statements that create a strong, ultra-authentic presence. Real – Ultrareal – Surreal. Colour turns into shape. Form is the illusion of the eye. Become a master of make-believe, a true sculptor in colour.

Dmitry commented: “Contouring is a technique that I have been experimenting with and evolving over several years. I am endlessly fascinated by the potential of using color to create Optical Illusions, such as enhancing a face shape or elevating a haircut.“

AW17 New Norm was brought to life by Hester Wernert-Rijn, Wella Global Creative Artist from Netherlands.

Sophisticated technology has revolutionised our lives, turning the once-surprising and ‘special’ into the new normal. So crafts and objects once considered simple – a woven basket, a hand-baked bread, a plain white t-shirt-are becoming more desirable, as artisans elevate the everyday through sensorial craftsmanship into a new form- premium humble. Pastforward celebrates the sensuality of imperfection: the flaws, quirks and fingerprints of personality in hand-crafted aesthetics. Defining the new sophisticated emotionally in beauty and in hair. Rediscovered old techniques, combined with the latest innovative products and services, give a new edge to the concept of beauty, Sartorial tolerance leads to an “über- authenticity” in style, form reduced to expressive, but always evidently true to you.


Hester says: “For this trends presentation I was inspired by ancient medieval craft techniques, such as beautiful embroidery and braids and sought to reimagine them in a modern and contemporary way. Rediscovering and celebrating forgotten artisanal skills is a great way to expand and grow in your own creativity.”

Reiner Sauter, Wella Professionals Creative Director, commented:

The most exciting thing about this year’s trend presentations was the way in which the two stories both reflected how people react to fashion and come to their individual beauty looks. These collections were born out of socio-cultural trend movements, this is where the creativity journey started for both Hester and Dimitri and it is so rewarding and exciting to see their interpretations come to life on the stage

Four other shows were presented during the program. Alexis Ferrer opened TrendVision with an iconic tribute to the city of Barcelona, while Sassoon Academy showcased its signature geometric heritage. The auditorium was then delighted by the shapeshifting artistry of Hob, and the show finale was Sebastian Professional’s subversive performance hairdressing.

Wella TrendVision 2016 - a truly inspiring occasion and the perfect celebration of the diversity of hair and beauty without borders. 


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