inclusive beauty

Inclusive Beauty
Inclusive Beauty
inclusive beauty
We want to stand for inclusive beauty, going beyond industry standards to create a culture in which everyone can bring their whole self to work. Every one of us has a unique background, strengths, experiences and perspectives; embracing these differences and furthering diversity throughout our organization makes it – and all of us – richer and better positioned to serve our diverse consumer base.

We have started work on our inclusion and diversity strategy, which is spearheaded by an internal multifunctional steering group under the sponsorship of two executive committee members. This group is in the process of developing a roadmap for Coty and will report via the Responsible Growth Steering Group to the Executive Committee and annually to the Board of Directors. 

This roadmap will include:
  • Working on developing diverse and inclusive leaders to strengthen equality of opportunity in the most senior levels of our business.
  • Reviewing all learning and development programs with our inclusive beauty ambition in mind.
  • Exploring how we align to the UN Free and Equal Standards of Conduct for Business for tackling discrimination and related human rights abuses affecting the LGBTI community.
  • Further understanding our diversity data and metrics beyond gender statistics such as age, nationality, ethnicity and disability.
  • Continually listening to our employees and including their insights to inform our actions.

Achievements and outcomes
Due to our ongoing transformation we have not yet developed all the tools required to globally collect the broadest spectrum of data needed to reflect our commitment to inclusive beauty. In the first year we have prioritized collecting and analyzing gender statistics for our FY17 (July 2016 – June 2017):
  • Total workforce: 56% female, 44% male
  • Female managers [1]: 49%
  • Women in leadership positions [2] : 40%
  • Women in Executive Committee [3] : 20%
  • Women in Board: 11%

We Stand For You
We Stand For You is Coty’s social action program with a mission to tackle prejudice and discrimination which stops people from being able to express their true selves.
At Coty, we believe beauty goes beyond physical, ethnic, gender, or sexual differences. We believe every single person should be able to celebrate their individuality and what makes them unique without judgement of others or labels imposed on them.  Our initial focus will be on tackling discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, and ethnicity by mobilizing and uniting our people, inspiring our brands and creating positive social change.

To help us do this, in 2018, we partnered with international advocacy group, Global Citizen. Our long term partnership will focus on challenging the norms, stereotypes and unequal policies and laws that perpetuate prejudice and discrimination. Addressing these issues will support some of the most marginalized and vulnerable in society who are also often the most likely to be living in the cycle of extreme poverty.

Together with Global Citizen, we have created the We Stand For You social action platform, powered by Global Citizen’s innovative technology. It is the first of its kind, using innovative data science technologies to allow Coty colleagues around the world to join with millions of Global Citizens and use their collective voice to advocate for social change.   It is a unique approach to employee engagement offering a digital-led online experience, combined with local grass-roots action to create change. We are supporting campaigns which ask world leaders and decision-makers to change rules and policies that perpetuate prejudice and discrimination. In doing so, we aim to help change mind-sets and attitudes, and break down the barriers to free self-expression. We are starting our efforts by campaigning on gender equality and we will move into the other areas over time.
In 2018, we are prioritizing employee engagement and aim to engage 25% of our online workforce through the platform. We will support this with ongoing measurement of key performance indicators related to the engagement and interaction with the platform. 
Watch the highlights of a recent session with Global Citizen at our Geneva office.


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[1] A manager is defined as “having at least one direct report”
[2] internal definition: a leadership position is defined as “grade 1 to 5”
[3] Current figure