Coty Workplace
Coty Workplace
Human and labor rights

We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to respecting and promoting fundamental human rights throughout our own operations and extended supply chain.
We adhere to a number of international standards relevant to corporate responsibility and ethical business conduct including the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the fundamental rights set out in the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. As a signatory to the UNGC we support the ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.
We are committed to ensuring that all our employees work in a safe environment that is based on equal opportunity and is free from discrimination or harassment. Our Code of Conduct sets out what our employees must do to ensure these high standards as well as outlines the reporting process and protocol if they have any concerns. Our Code of Conduct is included in our mandatory on-line training sessions for all new employees. In 2017, over 8000 employees were trained online.
We have appointed a Head of Global Compliance who, in collaboration with senior leadership, is responsible for ensuring a robust Global Compliance Program that is designed to detect and prevent violations of the law and promote a culture of ethical business practice, including training on the Code of Conduct. We recently launched a new internal compliance #BehaveBeautifully SharePoint site which contains key policies and documents for employees as well as a #BehaveBeautifully Coty Academy for all training and resources.
As part of the Global Compliance Program, we have developed an enhanced ethics and compliance hotline to receive and investigate allegations of misconduct. It is available to employees as well as third parties, and accessible via phone or online in over 200 languages. It provides a safe and convenient way for anyone to raise questions or concerns about topics covered in the Code of Conduct, and Coty will not tolerate any form of retaliation against people who raise questions or concerns.
Our commitment to respecting human rights also extends throughout our supply chain to our business partners, suppliers and contractors. We expect our partners to share our values and maintain the same high levels of ethical standards and to promote these within their organizations and throughout their business network. These standards are outlined in our Code of Conduct for Business Partners and are to be followed in the daily business activities on behalf of Coty. Any risks of non-compliance are escalated to appropriate senior leadership.
One hundred of our major global suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct for Business Partners as part of the commercial contract signing process in the last year. Internally, around 100 members of the Procurement function (representing 60% of the global team) have been trained on the Code of Conduct for Business Partners this past year. This training covered its impact on suppliers, what they need to do to demonstrate compliance and how we will deploy it effectively with them. There is a plan to complete this training by end of 2018.
As outlined in our Modern Slavery Act statement, we have a commitment to ensure our sourcing and manufacturing supply chains do not include, utilize or tolerate human trafficking, slavery and forced or child labor and comply with all applicable laws. The full statement is available to read here.

We are also involved in a number of industry efforts around specific issues related to respecting and advancing human rights. We recently joined the UNGC Modern Slavery working Group, AIM-Progress  and are members of the Responsible Mica Initiative.  For more information on our partnerships, click here.
Employee programs
Our greatest strength is our people. Our Changemakers are a global network of over 200 employees across 19 countries who are helping to minimize our impact on the planet, support our brands with purpose and create a positive social impact in and around the communities in which we  operate. In the last year we have trained them on the Sustainable Development Goals. This grassroots, bottom-up network embodies our belief that creative solutions can come from any level of the organization.
One Young World
Over 180 young leaders applied to represent Coty at the 2017 One Young World Summit and fourteen were selected. On their return from the 2017 Bogota summit, the team proposed six projects to the Senior Leadership team for implementation in the business. By end January 2018 three had been agreed to be implemented from 2018 and a further three were integrated with existing initiatives. We will be sending 12 new young leaders to the 2018 One Young World Summit in October.