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inclusive beauty
We want to create a culture in which everyone can bring their whole self to work. Every one of us at Coty is an individual with unique background, strengths, experiences and perspectives. We believe that embracing these differences and furthering diversity throughout our organization makes it – and all of us – richer and better serves our diverse consumers.

We have started work on our inclusion and diversity strategy, which is spearheaded by an internal multifunctional steering group under the sponsorship of two executive committee members. This group is in the process of developing a roadmap for Coty and will report via the sustainability steering group to the Executive Committee and annually to the Board of Directors.

This roadmap will include:
  • How we include all employees to build an inclusive business.
  • Work on developing diverse leaders to strengthen equality of opportunity in the most senior levels of our business.
  • Review of all our learning and development programs with our inclusion ambition in mind.
  • Exploring how we align to the UN Free and Equal Standards of Conduct for Business for tackling discrimination and related human rights abuses affecting the LGBTI community.
  • Further understanding our diversity data and metrics beyond gender statistics such as age, nationality, ethnicity and disability.
  • Setting time-bound commitments.

Achievements and outcomes

To date, due to our ongoing transformation we have not yet developed all the tools required to collect globally the broadest spectrum of data needed to reflect our commitment to inclusion. In the first year we have prioritized collecting and analysing gender statistics for our FY18 (July 2017 – June 2018):

Workforce Gender Statistics:
Year Ended 30 June 2018   2017  
  F M F M
Total workforce 57% 43% 56% 44%
Managers* 49% 51% 49% 51%
Leadership** positions 40% 60% 40% 60%
Executive Committee*** 11% 89% 11% 89%
Coty Board*** 22% 78% 11% 89%
* A manager is defined as “having at least one direct report”
** Internal definition: a leadership position is defined as “grade 1 to 5”
*** Please visit our Executive Committee page and Board of Directors pages for interim updates

In 2018 we developed online learning resources through our Coty Academy. These include modules on Unconscious Bias and Better Performance With Diversity.

As part of our inclusion and diversity strategy, Coty aims to build a business that is more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities. To demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the rights, freedoms, dignity and inclusion for all persons with disabilities, we have signed the Global Disability Summit: Charter for Change and over the next 18 months we will work on a roadmap to develop our foundations. It includes: 
  • Data analysis.
  • Inclusive Impact Assessments on company policies.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of disabilities both internally and externally.
  • Campaigning to reduce stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities through ‘We Stand For You’.

We Stand For You – tackling prejudice and discrimination

We have created ‘We Stand For You’ to tackle the prejudice and discrimination which stops people from being able to express their true selves. Our initial focus is on discrimination based on disability, ethnicity, gender and LGBTI by mobilizing and uniting our people, inspiring our brands and creating positive social change.

To help us do this we have created a partnership with international advocacy group, Global Citizen. The long-term partnership will focus on those who face discrimination based on their gender, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity by challenging the norms, stereotypes and policies that perpetuate prejudice and discrimination around the world.

Addressing these issues will aim to support some of the most marginalized and vulnerable in society who are also often the most likely to be living in the cycle of extreme poverty. Working together, Coty and Global Citizen are committed to challenging such prejudices and discrimination.

Through this partnership, Coty colleagues around the world are able to use their collective voice to advocate and campaign for social change via online engagement, and immersive action. Together with Global Citizen, Coty has created a digital-led online experience, combined with local grass-roots action to create change. The bespoke ‘We Stand For You’ platform which Global Citizen and Coty have co–created is a first of its kind, enabling employees to take action on issues they care about.  This moves beyond traditional forms for corporate community engagement to a new form of employee activism. 

The platform has now been launched in 40 countries around the world. 

We Stand for You Engagement targets and campaigns

Over the past year we have been prioritising employee engagement and are working towards a target of 25% of our online workforce being engaged through the platform. We will support this with ongoing measurement of key performance indicators related to the adoption and interaction with the platform. These include the average number of actions taken, views of articles and time spent on the platform.  We will report our progress towards meeting our targets annually. Between the period February 2018 – 30th June 2018, there have been 7,189 actions taken by 1830 employees.

We are aligning our impact targets with the Global Citizen campaigns we are supporting throughout the year. We started with supporting campaigns on gender equality including #LeveltheLaw which aims to change the unjust laws that discriminate against girls and women.

In 2018 campaigns supported by Coty colleagues have led to:
  • 3 million euro commitment from the Belgium Government to enable more women and adolescent girls access to reproductive health services;
  • The UK government pledging £112 million to girls’ education;
  • The Netherlands pledged around $116.8m USD (€100m EUR) to the Global Partnership for Education over three years; and
  • The Gambia, repealing and reforming sexist laws.
These campaigns will be launched over the next six months, mobilizing both Coty employees and Global Citizens across the world.

Watch the highlights of our We Stand for You activities across the world.

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