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  1. Coty and palm oil
  2. Coty’s statement on sustainability
  3. What is Coty's approach to sustainable packaging?
  4. What is Coty’s position on Mica?
  5. Microbeads, microplastics and polymers


  1. Coty’s statement on animal testing.
  2. Coty’s statement on diversity and inclusion.
  3. Coty’s statement on human rights.
  4. Are Coty’s products certified cruelty free?


  1. UK tax strategy
  2. Gender Balance and Pay at Coty UK
  3. Coty Eastern Europe Sp. z o.o. - Tax Strategy FY21
  4. Coty Human Rights Policy
  5. Coty Heath & Safety Policy
  6. Coty Responsible Marketing Policy
  7. Coty Deforestation Policy & Program
  8. Coty Animal Testing Policy & Program
  9. Coty Green Procurement Policy
  10. Coty Environment & GHG Program
  11. Coty Policy on Emerging Technology
  12. Gender Professional Equality Index between Women and Men – France


  1. Clean products
  2. Where can I find the ingredients in a product?
  3. Do you make gluten free products?
  4. Do you make vegan products?
  5. More about our ingredients


  1. Allergic Reactions/Product Safety
  2. What is the lifespan of my product?
  3. Can you recommend how to travel safely with my fragrance?
  4. My favorite product is discontinued. Where can I get more of it?
  5. Where can I get samples?
  6. What is the proper way to apply fragrance?
  7. Can I use any of your products while pregnant or nursing?
  8. How should I store my personal care products?
  9. Are your products safe?


  1. Advertising / Blogger / Influencer / Media Request
  2. I have received an email from @cotyservices.com. Is it valid?
  3. Where do I send a donation request?
  4. I have a new idea for you. Where do I send this?
  5. Can you send me a catalog / coupons / poster / display item?
  6. What is your privacy policy regarding my contact information?
  7. Can I be added to your mailing list for deals or promotions?