Beauty is timeless - definitions are not.

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The #UndefineBeauty campaign shines a light on the major English dictionaries’ outdated definitions of beauty and calls for action.

Our goal? To move beauty forward.




“She was considered a great beauty in her youth” is the phrase often cited in major dictionaries to illustrate the concept of beauty. The current English language definitions of the term ‘beauty’ are outdated and no longer reflect the values of today’s society. Specifically, the examples cited under the current entries for ‘beauty’ across the leading English dictionaries are both limiting and exclusive.

We witnessed the excluding effects of the dictionaries’ outdated concepts of beauty in a social experiment involving 100 people from all around the world.


At Coty, we believe that no one can control or dictate what is or is not beautiful.
Beauty is formless, like water, a constantly evolving and adapting concept.

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