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In the News
As a beauty company with a rich heritage and a wide variety of consumer brands, we are committed to creating a more inclusive business and society. We believe that prejudice and discrimination have no place in this world. By addressing and evolving our own practices and policies, as well as engaging with our partners, we will encourage greater diversity, inclusion and belonging for our employees and in society.
Inclusion & Diversity
We want to embrace and celebrate our differences, creating a business culture in which our associates bring their whole selves to work. As part of this, we recognize the importance of diversity at a leadership level and throughout our whole organization – including diversity of gender, ethnicity, ability and sexual orientation. We still have a way to go, but are making progress towards building a more inclusive business, ensuring that our people can perform at their best.

By 2025,
  • to accelerate the inclusivity training of our teams and maximize our diversity
  • to achieve gender balance in our leadership positions*
  • to broaden the measurement and reduction of gender pay gaps**
  • to continue to support the Charter for Change initiative and make our business more accessible to those with disabilities
*Grade 1-5
**5 biggest markets

Diversity can only be successful if there is effective inclusion. To achieve these targets and maximize our diversity, we will be rolling out a Roadmap for Inclusion. This will include training on the core concepts of an inclusive workplace culture. We will analyze our employee lifecycle through the lens of inclusion in order to amplify enablers and overcome blockers to inclusion: from sourcing, selection and recruitment to onboarding and growth right to performance management and reward. We want to hear the voices of our associates by establishing listening groups, and we want to enable grassroots inclusion initiatives because help us succeed. Ultimately, this will ensure that our workplaces are truly reflective of the diverse society and consumers we serve.
We publish our Gender Pay Gap report each year in the UK, as well as in other markets where required by law. Transparency is key to ensuring we hold ourselves to account, so we will roll out gender pay gap reporting to our 5 biggest markets, covering employees working in central and headquarters functions. If we find imbalances, we will set local targets to remedy these by 2025. In 2018, we signed the Charter for Change presented at the Global Disability Summit in July 2018, which enshrines the rights, freedoms, dignity and inclusion for all persons with disabilities.

We created internal and external campaigns to raise awareness of this commitment and encouraged associates to sign local charters to demonstrate their support. We plan to develop a roadmap to assess internal policies and recruitment processes to improve inclusivity and address the needs of differently-abled employees.

We also celebrated International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) and Pride, with events including a panel session at our New York office. The session focused on how brands, businesses and employees can be better allies and advocates for the LGBTI community and featured our Sally Hansen brand campaign in partnership with GLAAD. The partnership included a financial donation to GLAAD to support their work to accelerate LGBTI acceptance. In addition, Sally Hansen launched a Pride Collection to promote self-expression during Pride month and beyond. Other brands supporting LGBTI rights include Wella Professionals, who partnered with Pride London, Sydney and Oslo. Wella Professionals also launched a collection of EIMI Love Edition stylers with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Pride-related charities.
At Coty, we stand for everybody’s right to live a beautiful life, free from prejudice and discrimination. Since the launch of our social impact program We Stand For You in 2018, we have provided our associates with tools and information to act on global issues such as disability and LGBTI rights, gender equality and the climate crisis.
As part of this program, we work with our global advocacy partner, Global Citizen, to challenge norms and stereotypes, and fight for change to policies that perpetuate inequality around the world.
Our associates are a powerful community for change. Through a dedicated internal platform, they are able to campaign on a range of issues and challenge prejudice by taking digital actions. The platform launched in February 2018, and by the end of June 2019 12,013 actions had been taken by 1,923 Coty associates, representing 14% of associates who have access.
TARGET: By 2025, mobilize 500,000 Global Citizen actions behind Coty campaigns
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Through our partnership, we have supported Global Citizen during their first disability and LGBTI-rights campaigns, championing them together with our associates and the wider Global Citizen movement.

As part of our commitment to the Charter for Change – and to mark International Day of Persons with Disability in 2018 – we launched a campaign advocating for disability rights in partnership with Global Citizen. Our sponsored actions called on governments to affirm the principles of the Charter for Change, as well as raising awareness of inequalities through a quiz. In response to the campaign, the South African government committed to the Charter in December 2018.
In June 2019, Coty also supported Global Citizen’s first campaign on LGBTI rights. Launching on IDAHOT, digital actions sponsored by Coty focused on ensuring the UN reappointed an independent expert to protect LGBTI rights. Over 23,000 actions were taken by the Global Citizen movement in support of this campaign. In response, the UN announced in October 2019 that it would retain this position, helping to ensure LGBTI rights around the world. Other activities included an educational quiz to raise awareness of the links between LGBTI issues and extreme poverty, as well as encouraging world leaders to fund the Inclusion Index to collect data on LGBTI communities.

In many places around the world, people are discriminated against on grounds of race or ethnicity. Regardless of background, everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities. Since we launched the partnership with Global Citizen in 2018, we have used this platform to share news and stories from around the world on racial justice, helping to raise awareness of the progress made and actions still needed.
Ethical behaviour
We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and we are committed to respecting and promoting human rights throughout our own operations and extended supply chain. Within our own business, we want to ensure that all our employees work in a safe environment based on equal opportunities, enjoying freedom from discrimination or harassment.

Coty has a zero tolerance policy against racism. Our Code of Conduct for Employees prohibits any form of employee discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, citizenship, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

TARGET: By 2025, 95% of associates to complete annual compliance training
Our global compliance program ‘Behave Beautifully’, is designed to detect and prevent violations of the law and promote a culture of ethical business practices. With the support of our senior leaders, our compliance training sets out our standards across a number of areas, including anti-bribery and corruption, competition law, data privacy and the prevention of harassment and discrimination, amongst many others. In FY19, 12,625 employees were trained in one or more compliance modules, and we will increase our capacity to deliver the training in FY20.
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