January 29, 2018 - Press release

Clairol launches new Nice’n Easy Color Care

Clairol launches new Nice’n Easy Color Care



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Clairol launches the biggest innovation in home hair color in 60 years.

NEW YORK--In the 1950s, Clairol started a hair color revolution, making DIY hair color available for the first time at retail in the US. Now they’re poised to transform home hair color once again with Clairol Nice’n Easy Color Care, a breakthrough formula that teams damage blocking technology± with a revolutionary hair dye molecule, ME+, to create an Allergy Gentle* formula that conditions in every step. The new Clairol Nice’n Easy lets you color fearlessly, so you can unlock the confidence that comes with taking control of your color.

Almost everyone who colors her hair worries about damage as her top concern, and generally more than half of all women color their hair regularly (US 62%, UK 67%, Germany 69%, Brazil 76%, Russia 88%) SOURCE: COTY H&P 2017. Clairol’s NEW patented permanent hair color technology helps block damage with EDDS technology± EDDS encapsulates copper and prevents it from reacting with water and other free radicals to keep the cuticle healthy and smooth, resulting in superior conditioning and color results. The benefit of this technology is threefold:

  1. Less protein damage at the surface of the hair
  2. More predictable, even color root to tip
  3. Longer lasting color results
Clairol launches new Nice’n Easy Color Care

The new Nice’n Easy teams damage blocking technology with a breakthrough new molecule that was specifically developed to reduce the risk of new color allergies*. ME+ is the result of more than 20 years of research and the screening of hundreds of molecules to find a replacement for the existing hair color dye molecules, PPD (phenylenediamine) and PTD (toluenediamine). While those two molecules are responsible for the high-quality color results from approximately 90% of today’s permanent hair colorants, they’re also the most common triggers of hair dye allergic reactions that in rare cases can be severe. Endorsed by dermatologists, ME+ significantly reduces the risk of developing a new allergy* without sacrificing the natural-looking color that makes Clairol the trusted color expert. How does it work? The ME+ molecule has a new shape that is not recognized by the immune system so easily, therefore significantly lowering the risk of developing a new allergy*.

Dr. Carsten Goebel, Certified expert in Toxicology (DGPT) and Immunology (DGfI) and Coty's leading toxicologist and expert in skin sensitization, also known at Clairol as “ambassador” of the ME+ molecule says:

“For several decades, hair color manufacturers in partnership with top universities have been searching for an alternative to PPD and PTD. All results have come with a color result compromise, so weren’t enabling a solution. In terms of providing that combination of reduced risk of developing a new allergy* AND great permanent color performance within a full color spectrum there was nothing out there. ME+ is the first primary intermediate in the permanent hair color category to strike that balance. We are proud to say our efforts to better protect consumers from hair dye allergies resulted in many peer-reviewed publications in well-known scientific journals including the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, the British Journal of Dermatology and Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.”

The no-drip, cream Color Care formula also features conditioners and antioxidants at every step of the coloring process, alleviating the feeling of dry, brittle hair. This comprehensive conditioning ensures that hair maintains its soft, silky, smooth feel throughout the coloring process.

And Clairol has finally solved the color conundrum of our times: how to bring the soothing scents of a fragrance to the color experience. In the new Clairol Nice’n Easy Care Color formula, Clairol has added foaming technology that slows the rate that the ammonia evaporates, significantly reducing odor. The ammonia smell is replaced with a fresh, lily scent (yes, really!), that is further enhanced by accent notes of green apple, mimosa and pear. Underlying the luminous scent are smooth musky notes and soft creaminess from the heliotrope flower, to create a well-balanced fragrance experience throughout the hair coloring process.

“Coloring your hair is one of the boldest ways to change your look and your perspective. Making that change at home, yourself, requires a lot of bravery and raises many questions,” says Rosi Ajjam, SVP Retail Hair at Coty, and the architect of Clairol’s recent redesign. “As a long-time category leader and innovator in at-home hair color, it's our responsibility to partner with women in this process. Our first step was taking an in-depth look at people’s concerns – fear of damage or achieving an unnatural result; and annoyance with messy and smelly formulas. From there, we created a breakthrough product to tackle those concerns directly. Our intention for the new Clairol Nice’n Easy is to empower women to color fearlessly. From a technical perspective, this means blocking damage with conditioners at every step, in an allergy-gentle* formula, for beautiful, natural-looking hair. On the emotional side, this means looking and feeling your absolute best, and hopefully tackling the day with a little less fear.”

Early response from retailers, consumers and colorists has been very positive. Says Clairol Color Director James Corbett, “I’ve been a colorist for 25 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this. To be able to bring women the brilliant hair color shades they love with more conditioning, less smell, and less risk of allergy—it fulfills everything on my colorist’s wish list!”

The new formula will match every shade that previously existed in the Clairol Nice’n Easy collection, and expand the range to a total of 47 shades. Tone for tone, highlight for highlight, you’ll still achieve gorgeous color and 100% gray coverage that leaves hair looking and feeling healthy.

±Reduces damage compared to Clairol permanent hair color without Copper Blocker Technology (EDDS)

* ME+ is a revolutionary hair dye molecule that better protects people without hair dye allergy by reducing the chance of developing one. If you have a known hair dye allergy, do not use this product unless approved by your dermatologist. Note that in some cases, severe reactions may still occur. See www.Clairol.com for more information

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