Diversity of beauty

Diversity of beauty
Diversity of beauty
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Clarence Lee
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Clarence Lee is one of Singapore’s best-known makeup artists. Over the last two decades he has worked with many famous faces in the beauty industry, including Eva Herzigová, Zhang Ziyi and Sigrid Agren.
Beauty Around the World: Clarence gives us the 411 on Singaporean makeup trends
Oct 02, 2017
Beauty means different things to different people around the world, and as a global company we’re tuned into trends from Paris to Dubai to Tokyo, with our products reflecting the diversity of our consumer’s beauty.
In this series, we travel around the globe to talk to the experts working at the heart of the industry to get the lowdown on the latest trends in their city.
First up, we sat down with Clarence Lee, one of Singapore’s best-known makeup artists, to get the inside scoop on what’s hot in Singapore.
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What kind of makeup looks are on-trend in Singapore right now? 
There are probably two major camps at the moment. One being the Korean trend showing fair skin, full, straight-ish brows, and subtly bright lip shades; and then the other being the contour and strobing trend.

Are there any types of makeup or looks that Singaporeans don’t like?
Most dislike products that are not versatile or not easy to use. Looks-wise, perhaps the overly sweetie-pie style and bold-coloured eye makeup are not too popular here.
How do you make sure that makeup lasts in the Singaporean climate? 
I would suggest using sheer layers of products, as thick makeup will result in makeup sliding out of place on a sweaty face thanks to our very humid climate.

Apply the least amount of product required and only add on if necessary. After setting your base makeup with loose powder, you can mist on fixing spray or mineral water spray. Dry off with tissue paper and gently pat all over with a powder puff without adding more powder to set it further.

The above steps will help the layers of makeup adhere better to each other for a longer-lasting finish.

Is Singaporean beauty influenced by other countries?
It’s definitely a mish mash of our own styles with some of the international trends incorporated.

What’s the most popular beauty retailer in Singapore, and what do people love about it?
Sephora is always busy - definitely more so than all the beauty departments in department stores here. I guess it’s the convenience of having so many brands in a “beauty supermarket” that draws people there. The fact that customers can play with the products without the intimidating feeling of having a staff over the counter helps, too.

Describe the Singaporean approach to makeup in three words
Fast, simple, effective.
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